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October 30, 2017
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April 14, 2018

Sweater Care

sweater care max i walker dry cleaning and laundering blog

Keep your sweaters looking like new all season long with these helpful tips.


While your shopping look at the weave of the sweater, make sure it’s close and tight. Looser weaves are more prone to pilling and stretching out of shape.


Before you wash your sweaters, check the care label. This way you know if you can throw it in the wash at home or if it needs special care, like taking it to the dry cleaners or hand washing it.

When you are ready to wash, turn your sweaters inside out and button any buttons to avoid snags. Skip the spin cycle for your more delicate sweaters, the motion can ruin their shape or cause them to stretch out. Use a gentle cycle and try to put your sweaters in with a load of knits and other soft garments. Rough fabrics like denim can cause pilling.

Use a fabric softener or conditioner with knits and sweaters to keep them soft. These products will keep the fibers lubricated in the was so they won't become frizzy or fuzzy. You can even use a mesh laundry bag to minimize their surface contact with clothing to prevent damage.


Even if the care label says it’s safe, we suggest skipping the dryer for sweaters and knits. Lay a towel out flat on top of your dryer or another clean, smooth surface and lay your sweaters out flat to air-dry. This will help avoid shrinking, piling and will keep garment’s shape. Don’t hang knitwear, this can cause stretching and destroy the garment’s shape.

Remove Pilling

Also battery-operated de-pillers make remove pills easy, without damaging the garment itself.