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Dry Clean Green with Max I. Walker

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Dry cleaning technology and practices have become increasingly environmentally conscious in recent years and Max I. Walker is among these that offer eco-friendly services without sacrificing results.

Max I. Walker has 12 locations that use a hydrocarbon solvent, called EcoSolv, to clean your clothes at which is biodegradable and poses no risk for water, air or people. EcoSolv is non-toxic, while also being an effective cleaner and stain remover.

EcoSolv is gentle on fabric which means no shrinkage or fading colors -ultimately making your clothes last longer. Longer lasting clothes means less textile waste, a growing concern for environmentalists. The Environmental Protection Agency estimated 65 pounds of clothing are discarded by the average American citizen yearly. While we can’t help if your style changes, we can help ensure that your clothes have long lasting lifespan when you have them dry cleaned.

Additionally, Max I. Walker recycles hangers. Simply bring back any hangers you may have received from previous dry cleaning and we’ll reuse them. Many curbside recycling programs do not pick up wire hangers, so to ensure they don’t end up in a landfill we suggest bringing them to any Max I. Walker location.

We want to make environmentally safe dry cleaning convenient and affordable. Happy Earth Day from Max I. Walker!