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Max I. Walker Raises $17,730 at 12th Annual Ultra Chic Boutique
February 6, 2019
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Dry Cleaning Price List
August 16, 2019

Max I. Walker Accepts Competitor Coupons

max i. walker coupons from competitors

Max I. Walker is happy to accept competitor coupons from other Omaha dry cleaners and laundry service providers. The following policies will be enforced when customers bring in coupons from another company to use on our services:

  • Expiration Dates Still Apply: If a competitor coupon is expired, we are unable to accept it.
  • Coupons Must Be Presented At Drop Off: It is Max I. Walker's official policy that coupons, regardless of origin, must be presented when the customer's order is dropped off in-store, or placed in their bag before it is picked up via the Free Home/Office Pickup & Delivery Service. Coupons presented when the order is picked up may be refused.
  • Coupons Must Be Surrendered: The coupon must be left at the store with the order.
  • Restrictions Still Apply: Any restrictions (such as the minimum number of items required to be eligible for the discount, the items the coupon is or is not good for, etc.) will be applied at Max I. Walker, the same as they would in the issuing dry cleaner's store.
  • Anyone May Use a '1st Time Customer' Coupon: Even if you are not a new Max I. Walker customer, you may use a competitor coupon that is reserved for new customers at a Max I. Walker location. You will be limited to one lifetime use of that coupon at any of our locations.
  • Competitor Coupons Will Be Limited to One Use: Unless explicitly stated on the competitor coupon that it can be used multiple times, Max I. Walker will limit the use of all competitor coupons to one time per customer at any of our stores.
  • Location-Specific Terms Will Be Carried Over: If a competitor limits a coupon to certain locations, Max I. Walker will also limit acceptance of that coupon to only nearby location(s) accordingly. If you are unsure if a location-specific competitor coupon can be accepted at your store of choice, you are welcome to call ahead and speak to the manager. Click here to find the phone numbers for all our locations.

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