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Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

We dry clean wedding dresses and offer wedding gown preservation services. These services are also available for other types of special occasion gowns.

Wedding gowns, christening gowns, Quinceañera dresses, and pageant gowns can last for many years if properly cleaned and preserved. Max I. Walker offers several options for dress cleaning and gown preservation after the big day.


Wedding Gown Service Options Include:

  • Press Only (dry cleaning bag, structured bodice insert)
  • Clean Only (dry cleaning bag)
  • Clean & Press (dry cleaning bag, structured bodice insert)
  • Clean, Box & Preserve (see below for details)

Use our Gown Cleaning & Preservation Price Calculator to get an instant online estimate on the cost of your preferred service for a wedding or other special occasion dress.

The cost to Clean, Box & Preserve a christening gown is a flat fee of $105.

How it Works

Wedding Dress Preservation

Gown preservation is a very specialized process. Your valuable wedding or special occasion dress will be carefully evaluated, receiving individualized treatment based on the fabric type and stains, ensuring it remains as beautiful as the day you wore it, and can be passed on to future generations.


Dress Cleaning & Gown Preservation Schedule

Max I. Walker uses a renowned, experienced industry specialist to clean and/or preserve wedding gowns. This ensures the best quality possible for our customers requiring services for this very delicate, expensive garment that requires highly specialized care. Your gown may be available for pickup in as little as 2.5 weeks. The schedule linked below shows the best days to drop off your gown to ensure it is returned to you as quickly as possible. You may drop it off any day of the week, but please note that may increase the total time needed to complete the services.

Have some questions about wedding dress dry cleaning or the gown preservation process?

We're here to help. Call or stop by any Max I. Walker location, or use our calculator to get an instant price estimate online.


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