Removing Blueberry Stains
May 24, 2022
Removing Blueberry Stains
May 24, 2022

Should I use color catcher sheets when I do laundry?

dye transfer in laundry

dye transfer in laundry

TL;DR: Yes.

color grabbers

Dye that bled out of clothes in 4 separate loads was kept from transferring into other garments by these color catcher sheets.


Color catcher sheets are a very useful tool when washing clothes, especially if you’re concerned about colors bleeding or transferring between garments. These sheets are designed to absorb and trap any dyes that your clothes may release during the wash. This prevents them from staining other clothes in the load.

Using color grabber sheets for your laundry is particularly important when washing new, vibrant, or dark-colored garments that have a higher chance of bleeding. They provide an extra layer of protection, minimizing the risk of color transfer and preserving the original colors of your clothes. This makes clothes look newer for longer.

How To Use Color Catchers

To use color catcher sheets, simply add one or two sheets to the washing machine along with your laundry. They are only good for one wash cycle; after using once you should throw them away. If they accidentally end up in the dryer, that’s no big deal. Do make sure you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for optimal results.

You can buy these sheets on Amazon, or at local big box stores like Walmart.

Our Best Laundry Practices That Complement Using Color Catchers

Our other best tips to prevent discoloration of your clothes or dye transfer in the washing machine is to wash colors on cold. Also, color catcher sheet or not, you should absolutely still sort clothes by colors and wash separately.

  • Wash blues, yellows and greens together, separate from other colors or items.
  • Wash tans, reds, pinks and purples together, separate from other colors or items.
  • Wash jeans separately. And yes, you should be washing your jeans. It’s both nonsense and gross that anyone would advocate for never washing an item of clothing.
  • You should never be washing whites with colors. Whites always get washed separately, and bleach is optional to keep whites looking new for longer. Wash whites in warm or hot water if you add bleach, or else it won’t work as well.
  • Grays and blacks also get washed separately.

Limitations of Color Catchers

While color grabber sheets can be helpful, it’s important to note that they may not completely eliminate color bleeding in all cases. If you have an extremely delicate or valuable garment, take extra precautions by washing it all by itself, or possibly hand-washing it, to avoid damaging the garment.


In summary, if you have concerns about color bleeding, using color catcher sheets can be a practical addition to your laundry routine, to help prevent color transfer and maintain the appearance of your garments. But they’re an extra thing you can do to keep your clothes looking great. Color grabber sheets don’t take the place of good laundry practices like sorting and washing colors separately, and washing in cold water.

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