How To Clean Suede & Leather Shoes

Leather Boot Care
Suede and leather shoes are great because when they’re made out of high quality materials, they can be worn for years, especially when cared for well. If you pulled them out of your closet and notice they need a cleaning, just follow these tips to keep your favorite pair of boots or shoes looking good for the rest of the season.

To remove stains or scuffs from your suede shoes:

  • Brush away dirt or dust with a brush or cloth
  • Make a suede cleaner using two parts water and one part white vinegar
  • Apply the cleaner to a cloth and gently wipe your shoes with it
  • Air dry the shoes completely before wearing again or putting away

  • To clean your leather shoes:
  • Remove the laces to either wash or replace
  • With a cloth or brush, dust away any dried dirt or grime
  • Make a solution of warm water and dish soap , dampen a cloth with the soapy water to wipe down the shoes
  • Use another cloth dampened with just water to remove the soap from the shoes
  • Dry the shoes with a towel and apply a leather conditioner according to it’s instructions