Max I. Walker Mobile App

Instructions for New Customers

If you have never visited a Max I. Walker before, you can create a new account as soon as you download the app. This will save you the time of doing so in-store at your first visit.

Visit our Store Locations page if you need to search for your nearest location.

Download our app from your phone's app store:

download our app at the Apple store graphic
download our app at the Google Play store graphic

New Max I. Walker Customers Should Follow These Instructions to Create An Account Via the Mobile App

mobile app select new customer sign up

As a new customer, you will create your account. Creating an account in the app will add you to our in-store customer database, so we can pull up your information when you first visit a store.

mobile app please provide us with your information

Please fill in the required information and click next to select your preferred store.

For app assistance, please email [email protected].