Save time with Max I. Walker

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Max I. Walker doesn't just want to clean your garments, but also save you time! Read on for some of the ways we think we can help:

Same Day Service

Max I. Walker offers free same day service. If we receive your garments before 9 a.m. we’ll have them ready for you after 5 p.m.

Free Pickup and Delivery

While Max I. Walker does have 23 locations in the Omaha area, we also offer free pickup and delivery at your home or office.

Order Ready Alerts

Don’t guess on when your dry cleaning order is done, sign up for Max I. Walker’s order ready alerts and we’ll email you a notification as soon as your items are ready to be picked up.

Clothing Care

Max I. Walker locations save you time by offering more than just cleaning, but all the services for clothing care that you may need. Our services include dry cleaning, laundered shirt service, button repair, wedding dress preservation, storage, minor repairs and alterations.

Drive Through Locations

Our drive through locations there’s no need to even get out of your car to pick up your dry cleaning.