Never Fear! Your Personal Valet is Here!

We may not be able to turn down your sheets, draw a warm bath, or serve you afternoon tea, but we can certainly stop by and pick-up or drop off your dry cleaning.

What’s the catch? There is no catch and no charge either. You won’t pay for the service, and you won’t pay higher prices than if you’d taken them to your favorite Max I. Walker location yourself. We’re making the rounds in your neighborhood already, so we might as well add you to our route!

Here’s how it works:

  • We give you a sturdy, reusable Max I. Walker Express Bag for you to fill with your dry cleaning.
  • We get your specific instructions for the general care of your clothing, and then we’ll store that information in our database and check it every single time we clean your clothes.
  • We work around your busy schedule. Just call our driver and tell him your preferences, and he’ll pick up or drop off when it’s convenient for you!

And the best part? You’ll still get our singular guarantee: your order will be ready on time and it will be right, or it’s free.

So if you’re ready for our free pick-up and delivery service, just call us for your next pick-up, and you’ll wonder how anyone manages to survive without a personal valet!

Contact our valet delivery sales team for pickup. Call (402) 558-3677 or sign up.