Let Us Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Now that the ceremony is over, the gifts are opened, and life is back to normal, it’s time to take care of that beautiful wedding dress. Many brides overlook this task until months or years later, and are sad to discover seemingly irreparable damage has occurred.

Max I. Walker has a team of experienced professionals who take special care to clean, repair and store your dress so that if you choose to pass it down to future generations, it will be as beautiful as on the day you first wore it.

When you bring your dress to Max I. Walker, our team will:

  • handle it with extreme care
  • hand clean it, using special solutions that prevent any damage to the fabric or dye
  • make minor repairs, if needed

Because of our experience with garment restoration, we also specialize in rejuvenating wedding dresses that were not carefully stored by replacing missing fabric and ornamentation. In many cases, the gown can be restored to its original condition.

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