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Treating Summer Stains
July 20, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Fall Fabric Care

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Keeping your favorite fall fashion looking its best starts with washing and caring for your clothes the right way. Be prepared for the chillier months with some of these fabric care tips.

Of course, if you're ever in doubt or have tough stains to remove, dry cleaning is often a better option for all clothing items, unless the care tag specifically says 'do not dry clean.' Max I. Walker can dry clean most of your clothing items, making them retain their color and shape for much longer.

Knit Fabric Care

Knit fabrics fade fairly quickly; dry cleaning instead of water washing keeps them looking brighter and newer for much longer. This fabric also holds onto stains, so professional stain removal may be necessary. If you do wash knits at home, they should be placed in a roomy mesh laundry bag before going into the washing machine. Make sure the bag is large enough for the items to move around freely; don't overfill it. Use a gentle detergent, and wash on the delicate cycle with a low spin speed. If you’re washing by hand, use tepid water and gently agitate the items with your hands. Don't scrub the fabric or rub it together. After washing, press or squeeze out excess water – don’t wring out the clothing because it can make your clothes misshapen or stretch them out. Lay your garments out flat or hang to dry to help the knit items maintain their shape.

Leather Care

Leather is a timeless classic that's easy to dress up or keep casual throughout the fall and into winter. To keep your items looking their best, take them to a specialty leather cleaner like Max I. Walker. Our specialized cleaning process maintains the natural oils of leather, which protects against color fading or cracking and makes your investment last.

Denim Fabric Care

Jeans are a go-to, especially in the fall, but did you know that machine washing regularly can cause your denim to shrink and fade? Most jeans can be washed in cold water with mild detergent and hung to dry. Never put jeans in the dryer. High quality brands will benefit from dry cleaning, as it preserves the dye and color.

Corduroy Fabric Care

Corduroy is another fabric that makes an annual reappearance during the cooler months, and fortunately it’s easy to care for. First, corduroy needs to be turned inside out before machine washing so the material won’t collect unwanted lint. Lighter colored corduroy can be machine washed with warm water and darker colors can be washed with cold water. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

Flannel Fabric Care

Flannel shirts are a fall weather classic. Check the clothing label for specific cleaning options. Most flannel can be hand washed with a gentle detergent and then hung to dry. Some flannel does require dry cleaning, so be sure to check the cleaning care label. Flannel will usually maintain its original softness if dry cleaned; it tends to lose that after the first washing.

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