Advice From Our Experts: National Lemonade Day

lemonade stains dry cleaning and laundering

Lemon juice is necessary to make our favorite summertime refreshment, but if you get it on your clothing it can act as a bleaching agent. Though lemon juice is nearly clear, it can remove the pigment from fabric if not treated quickly.

If you can’t remove the clothing item or if the item is dry clean only, simply blot the garment with damp cloth or paper towel to slow down the bleaching process. Wash the item or take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible. Be sure the point our the area of the garment has a lemon juice on it.

If you are able to treat the garment right away, rinse the stained area under cool water and wash according to the care label immediately. If you have further questions about removing lemon stains or other spots, stop by any Max I. Walker location and consult with one of our experts.