The only, ONLY, dry cleaners in Omaha that will truly 'deodorize' a cashmere sweater and keep it beautiful.

Ruby B.

Great location. The staff is quick and the results were perfect. I'm very happy with the service provided. I used them for my work uniform. If the results were this good, I would assume that just about anything would be in their realm of perfection

Joshua S.

I thought they did a really nice job of dry cleaning my husband's jacket. The lady at the front desk was really helpful and gave me a 15% off discount for mentioning the Yelp offer that they have! I will  be going back with all of my dry cleaning!

Michelle P.

Bottom line:  Amazing customer service and secret stain removing powers.  Coupons on-line.  You cannot go wrong!

Jacci Z.

"You have expesnive clothes with stain??? Take them immediately to PJ on Cass . . . she cares and is sooooo capable. She will save your clothes (even with stones, ets.). Max I is lucky to have her."

Teresa A.