Learning When to Rent vs. Buy Uniforms

Once businesses make the decision to adopt a uniform program, they will be presented with the choice of renting or buying uniforms. Both options have their merits, and there are several different factors to consider when making this important decision.

First, consider how often the uniforms will need cleaning. If employees’ uniforms get so soiled at work that washing their clothes at home would be difficult, then renting is the better option. Rented uniforms get washed in an industrial laundry facility, where high temperatures and strong detergents will successfully clean even the dirtiest uniforms.

Next, consider the costs involved in renting vs. buying. A rental program does not require a large upfront investment, and the cost is spread evenly over a period of time. This means predictable payments, which are a good option for businesses on a budget. On the other hand, buying uniforms involves a large, one-time payment. It’s true that purchasing uniforms is less expensive in the long run and may offer a wider product selection, but many prefer the convenience of renting.

Some additional factors to consider include replacing garments, making repairs, and outfitting new employees. Through a rental program, worn out garments are replaced at no charge, whereas purchased uniforms must be replaced by buying new ones. Garment owners will have to make repairs themselves; however, rental programs perform repairs for free. For a business that is constantly hiring new employees, a rental program will allow making adjustments to the invoice, free of charge. For a company that purchases uniforms, every new employee will receive new garments.

Since every company has unique needs and goals, there might not be one plan that is right for all. Both options provide employees with professional uniforms, and each option has its own conveniences. Thinking about long- and short-term goals is just as important as maintaining a great looking image.