Max I. Walker’s Complete Mat System

uniform rental and mat services

Max I. Walker offers floor mats services for area businesses as well as uniform rental and facility services. Max I. Walker will analyze your matting needs and drop off the inventory you need, where you need it. Our team will then pick up soiled mats on a schedule that works for your business and replace them with professionally cleaned, high quality mats.

Mats are also great for entry ways to minimize dirt and debris tracked inside, a complete mat system will stop up to 80% of tracked in dirt. If you have high traffic areas in your workplace, mats can help reduce the wear and tear on your permanent flooring. Not only do mats keep your business clean, but also can help reduce the chances of slipping or falling.

Max I. Walker’s complete mat system will enhance your business’s image. Not only will mats keep your business clean, they can reinforce your identity. Max I. Walker offers custom logo mats which are great for stopping dirt and also boosting your company’s image. A clean workplace makes a great first impression and Max I. Walker’s Mat System makes it easy, we handle the mats and dirt so you don’t have to.