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How does Uniform Rental work?

Who's Wearing Work Uniforms from Max I. Walker?

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Other Offerings

Restroom Services
Max I. Walker Uniform Services provides restroom services such as air fresheners, hand cleaners like soap and sanitizer, paper products, and more. Since we already stop by weekly to provide uniform services, many of our customers choose this cost-effective and time saving add-on service over expensive shipping costs or having to keep track of another vendor.
Floor Mats
Floor mats in the entry way of your business will protect your floor from salt, sand and dirt, and water. Anti-fatigue mats in work areas provide relief for employees who stand. For just a few dollars a week, Max I. Walker Uniform Services provides a variety of quality, durable floor mats for your business. We can even add your logo for a custom, professional look.
Max I. Walker Uniform Services provides wet and dry mop handles and heads, swapping out the dirty heads for clean ones as needed.
Max I. Walker Uniform Services offers towel options for any industry, including shop towels and fender covers, microfiber or terry towels, bar towels, and continuous-roll towels.
Misc. Items
  • Custom Apparel
  • Embroidery Services
  • Aprons
  • Nitrile Gloves

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At Max I. Walker Uniform Rental, we like to say that our customer service and cleaning capabilities are so outstanding that everyone else is second best. We stand by that every time we serve you. Contact us today for a free price quote on uniform rentals to see for yourself.

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Our Uniform Team

Max Traxx Chip

Max Traxx

RFID Changes the Uniform Business

Ever wonder how Max I. Walker Uniform Rental tracks your order and makes sure you get all of your uniforms back? Max I. Walker Uniform Rental is proud to offer the Max Traxx® garment tracking program. With this program, every piece of clothing has an RFID tag, which will ensure proper tracking of your uniforms.

We’ve invested to provide even better customer service with Max Traxx, a program that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to track your uniforms. With the program, we insert a small RFID tag in each item of clothing, and that tag is scanned when the garment enters our facility and when it leaves.